About Us

Ethix Clothing was founded at a time just as the Indian consumer mindset was undergoing a paradigm shift - a transition phase defined by acceptance and acclimation towards fashionable, readymade garments. It was the understanding of this shift, along with the determination to build a transparent and fundamentally fair business that allowed the promoters, Mr. Dharmesh Gathani and Mr. Avneesh Mishra to exponentially grow the empire in years to come. Primary focus on earning trust, strengthening the core team and positioning for the future has paved a strong foundation for the company.

The future, in retrospect, has presented a pleasantly surprising outcome to the company's visionaries, a trend they had hardly anticipated at the inception stage. Ethix Clothing is now a premier player in the apparel market, with a dealer network of more than 600 competitors spread across 4 states and over 90+ retail stores. Joining hands with premier lifestyle brands and bringing to life the core value of a long term vision, Ethix can proudly say that it has sowed all its relationships for the long run. Ethix is now set to expand aggressively over the next decade.


To create a sustainable platform to cater to domestic and international premium lifestyle brands in the ever-evolving Indian market.

Core Values

- Transparency is the fundamental pillar of earning trust, whether it be in the market or within our own organization
- All of our relationships and partnerships are built to be sustainable over the long-run
- "Run the company from 9 to 7 with clear guidelines and from 7 to 9 like a family." Human capital is our greatest asset; we pride ourselves on our ability to retain talent